What goes on in here.


What I’m posting here is true, unchained snaps of my mind- albeit with a few hundred rewrites. xx

So all my friends recently took to this thing called WordPress that allowed them to create and customize blogs. Not letting go of my human tendencies, I decided to fit in and get a WordPress of my own. And ugh, it hangs, but let’s just forget that for a minute. Cuz when I started posting, I discovered I’d found yet another awesome way to vent, and vent front of the whole freakinh world. Ergo, my WordPress.

Rants, reviews, ridiculous stories- you name it. It’s thoughts we’re talking about here, so the only limits are those of my own imagination. And that doesn’t fizzle out quite so quickly as my can of coke. Ergo, my WordPress.

The more I realised I needed a place to let it out, the more I intensified my search for social forums that allowed me to do so. After one month of managing accounts on Tumblr, WhatsApp and Wattpad, the line between my thoughts and my paper is starting to blur with surprising swiftness. And as much as I like saying “true, unchained snaps of my mind”, in reality, I can feel the need for something that will actually provide me the rigidity and organisation of a normal, functioning life. Something that compels me to put my creepy feelings into words, something that lets me talk without the fear of facing the judging eye- not in person, at least. Something flawed, cuz I don’t like perfect stuff that’s really just some douchebag squabbling with a piece of life. Something that’s my own. Something akin to a toy I can talk to. Something virtual. Something available. Something close.

Ergo, my WordPress.