Gypsy Boy (Zigeunerjunge)


I shouldn’t get the full credit for this.

Zigeunerjunge (German, “Gypsy Boy”) is an amazing melody sung by the late Alexandra. I came across this number (listen to it here), and immediately fell in love with it. I also found out Bollywood has ripped this tune off in one of my erstwhile favorite songs. Ugh.

Anyway, being a German student, I googled a few nouns up and surprisingly, I had the whole meaning down. Always up for musical fun, I tried to fit English words into the tune and make it rhyme. The result- this poem/song.

Hope you enjoy it. I’d suggest watching the song even if you don’t know German. You’ll get the tadadums and lalas better :p

Cheers, and have a great day ♡


Gypsy Boy

I was but a child,
When I saw them arrive;
The gypsies, they came to my town,
The gypsies; they came to my town.

Their carriages shone; their steeds looked uncombed;
Together they pulled the rein taut;
And I felt a pull in my heart.
So I tailed.
From afar.

Come evening, I spied a fire devouring the grass! (La la la)
Around which, the gypsies all gathered  and chuckled and danced! (La la la)
Oh, a gypsy boy, a gypsy boy, he sat there and strummed his guitar,
I stared at his face, entranced.
And he gave,
Not a glance.

Oh the gypsy boy, the gypsy boy, he sat there and strummed his guitar,
The fire then breathed its last.
And I ran
back home fast.

At dawn I awoke; I could not control, my passion to see them again;
I pleaded with mother, in vain.

The wagons windblown, the horses uncombed; they pulled me in vice-like embrace,
So I stole away to the place.
Stole away,
to the place.

But come evening, I found the gypsies, alas, no more! (La la la )
The place that resounded with laughter lay bare and demure! (La la la )

Oh gypsy boy, my gypsy boy,
Why weren’t you and your wagons found?
I no longer heard your sound.
And my heart
weighed me down.

Oh gypsy boy, my gypsy boy,
I spent my days asking around;
But I never heard your sound.
My first love.
Come and gone.




Aditya. 17. Blogs are safer than people.

2 thoughts on “Gypsy Boy (Zigeunerjunge)

  1. Yes. Some good old “artistic inspiration” 🙂

    I will give you credit for making a translated song that could very well be set to the tune. But it’s just as good as a poem by itself. Not plagiarized, of course; it’s “artistic inspiration” amirite?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yesh; it’s all artistic. I just need to market this piece under my own name without an ounce of credit to the original, and I’d make most of our music directors proud at once. 😏

    I now think this is shit. But I’ve decided to regret doing stupid things in 2017 instead of regret not doing them. Thanks megu ♡♡


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