Everyday I meet people who go ‘I’m an optimist’ or ‘I’m an atheist’ or ‘I believe in God’. And in turn they ask me what I am. I say I’m a non-ist. I don’t mean that as an atheist or a non-believer or someone who doesn’t pray. I mean I’m none of those things, those labels, for any longer than I’m happy with them. And I wanna ask all of you, all of those who are one of those things, those factions, a question. Does your belief or non-belief in God sail smooth all the time? Aren’t there days, days that feel like weeks and years of a closeted mess, when you feel all that you’ve stood for slowly ebb away into reality? Beliefs are meant to be shaken. Aren’t there days full of the most incredible coincidences that make even the staunchest atheist believe, for a fleeting second, in the presence of a larger force playing with the hem of the universe? Aren’t there days as bleak as the greying beard of the sky, that pivot even the most loyal devotee into the depths of depressed atheism? Why then do we limit ourselves to one or two of these blocs and watch them crumble as our world gets turned upside down? Why do we tether ourselves to a side when we can fly free and have the best of both worlds? Humans are conditioned to always have an opinion, always pick a side whenever a conflict arises in any part of their world, physical or emotional. I believe in God when what I’d hoped would happen, actually happens. I thank him with all I’m worth and believe he’s watching over me and providing me with confidence and power. When bad things come in, I pray to Him for taking me through them. When bad things keep coming in, I abuse him like hell. When they don’t stop coming in, what God?

It’s stupid to fear someone you’ll probably meet, probably won’t meet, after you die. And who knows what happens when you die anyway? The only thing that you know for sure (or at least to the best of your knowledge), is this shithole you call life. And you have to get through this. So while you’re here, believe, don’t believe, do whatever makes you happy. And don’t be afraid of changing sides. Totally hypocritical, but something that’s gonna help you survive.


Aditya. 17. Blogs are safer than people.

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